Voile gameplay

Voile Invaders 1.03a Simple Space Invaders-clone with Touhouesque features. 13.08.2009 - 01.11.2009

About the gameEdit

History in the makingEdit

Idea for this game came while brainstorming Winterheart (and from need to make something). Originally it was supposed to be a short project but the more features - the longer it took to make them work correctly.

First demo were published 09.09.2009 with a promise that the fullversion should be out within a week but due unforeseen consequences it took weeks after that before the final version of the game were ready.

Game itself wasn't that succesful but there were one nice review: "Game looked nice but I didn't play it as it didn't include mouse control". Problem mentioned there were finally fixed in the special edition.

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