Voile gameplay

Voile Invaders 1.09c upgraded version of the original Voile with new type of gameplay. 20.09.2010 - 31.10.2010

About the gameEdit

History in the makingEdit

Originally started as Perfect Cherry Blossom themed game starring Youmu Konpaku as the playable character.

At that time the game was still known as "Perfect Cherry Invaders" and the bookshelves of original Voile was to be replaced with simple shield system: At the bottom of the playscreen is a power gauge, when the power gauge is full - player can cast a shield (by pressing 'C') that would last till the power gauge runs empty. After the power gauge is empty - it will refill itself after short period of time. Shield system was dropped as it would have made the game too easy.

The main game screen were programmed to function correctly along with Youmus movement, bullets and shield. After this the project were put in hold as there were no storyline and time for making the game. Later the project were revived and used as a base for "Voile Invaders SE".

Idea for remaking Voile came from a need to create a product to "sell" in students trade fair. When the final spark to create new Voile was ignited - it took less than a week to finish all the graphics and coding needed.

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